Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crafty Storage Features "Sharon's Scrappy Space!

Hello Scrappers,

I am thrilled to announce that Crafty Storage has featured my blog!  I am so honored!  I LOVE Crafty Storage and when my blog grows up I want it to be just like that blog!  Totally awesome blog and it has some really great thrifty ideas on crafting storage. 

Thank you all for your kind comments and I hope to hear from all of you soon!  Happy Scrapping!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Scrapbooking on a Budget

As you can see from my scrapbook room photos, the room has evolved from its "one wall" and "closet".  We did a renovation on our home last summer and added a screen porch on the back and finished off the upstairs room to make an extra bedroom.  That was when I saw my chance to take over the whole room.  I don't even think I had planned it, it just sort of happened.  When I found the cabinet at the cabinet shop, I just could not resist.  My husband has been so supportive and I love him for it.  He helped me build my workstation and shelves and let me have the whole room.  We have improved the "man cave" as well and I have supported his hobby of "ham radio" which isn't cheap either. 

Later I found the desk on Craigslist for $100.  It might not look like it was worth a $100 but before I painted it, it was beautiful.  Kind of sad, that I did paint it but I am a woman on a mission to make a great scraproom.  I found the chairs at yardsales for $10 and $5.  (but have recently been on vacation where there was an "IKEA" and got three chairs for $23 each).  If you follow my blog you will see that I am always changing it around.  I think I have a need to redecorate and I just keep redoing my scraproom!  Not that I haven't redone other rooms in the house!  Remember I am a HGTV junkie! 

Most of my supplies I have bought second-hand through yardsales and Craigslist.  When I see a listing or yardsale, if it is good stuff I usually try to buy the lot for one price.  I have gotten some amazing deals this way and bought most of my supplies for a fraction of the cost.  If you have Craigslist in your area try searching for "scrapbook", "stampin up", or "stamps".  Whatever is your passion search for it, keep checking because it can go fast.  Most people who are selling go into this hobby and just let it sit, or now they need more room in their homes, or need the the money now.

Recently I bought a lot, it had to be worth $4000 $5000 retail and I got it for a mere $200.  I bought it over the phone and she named the price!  I didn't even try to talk her down, by the way I am a negoiater.  She lived a couple hours from me and brought it to me the next day!  I have been selling the excess and duplicates and have already made my money back, and added 50 Stampin Up sets plus a whole lot more to my supplies.  I even set my daughter up to start scrapbooking and stamping.  Aren't I a good mom?

This is a sample of what I bought once  for $75 and that I actually took photos, this link will take you to one of my favorite websites and my gallery:

I have learned to look at items at Goodwill and yard sales and find creative ways to make them work for me.   Such as..

The little shelf in the middle I got at Goodwill for $10.  The HP photo printer I got for $20 (I gave it to my mom and she has been having a blast printing photos)  I got the heat gun for $1.  I got the MM carousel for half off with a coupon at Michaels.  The desk was $100 off Craigslist.  I really like it because it is long and slim and I can pull it out when needed.

My workstation I built for just under $300.  The stamp storage unit cost me $10 of materials to make.  I have lots of primer, white paint, and scraps of MDF.

When this photo was taken, I had a custom clip it up on the top right two shelves which consisted of $1 curtain rods and some paper clips and small clothes pins. Really cheap! It worked until I found a one on sale.   I made round dividers to sort my stickers.  I have a lot of sticker don't I?  No worries, I have add some and purged some.  If I am not using something, I sell it or give it to my daughter. 

I got the two paper stands for $10 each and the wire stand to left $4 and it stores my large punches, most of which I got in the last lot I bought for $200.  The slat board spinner display rack was $30.  I had bought a bunch of slat board pegs when I got the paper racks for $2.  I sure am glad I kept them now.  Those things are expensive!  I have a ton of them.  The shelves in the sides of the closet I made from shelves from my workstation.  I used to have them as paper shelves before getting these.

The plastic slackable paper trays I got for $2 each.  I bought about 50 of them.  I still have some stashed in attic but you never know I might need them.  I got the little blue boxes at Walmart for cheap.  I got a bit crazy and bought a bunch of them but I have you to know I am using all of them.

Needless to say, I am a scrapaholic and I love to reorganize my room, good thing because when I buy a "lot" of supplies and I usually have to make more room.  I think I love organizing my room more than scrapbooking and stamping!  My goal is to buy and sell to support my habit.  Take a look in my Items for Sell List to see some of what I have for sell.

Let me know what kind of great deals you have found and I may share them on my blog.  Happy shopping!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why I created this blog...

Hey, Scrappers out there! I have created this blog to have a place to share ideas and storage solutions with others who have the same passion as I have for designing and redesigning (and redesigning) my scrapbooking room (Ok I admit, I may be a little OCD). When I first started scrapbooking a few years ago, I set up a small table and put up some shelves in my small laundry room, and thought this ought to do it. As my passion for scrapbooking grew over the next few weeks, so did my amount supplies and tools. I quickly ran out of room in my little laundry room. Besides, now the dogs live in there and it can get a bit little hairy!

After helping my husband to see the benefits of my moving into the "spare" bedroom, and how I could use "one wall" of the room and have the closet for extra storage, it was settled and I made the move. Having an eye for design, (too much HGTV) I realized instantly that my plastic table wasn't coordinating well with the bedroom furniture. Hmm... another dilemma.. well, the only solution was furniture to match of course! I am one of those matchy matchy types. So, being on a "budget" (because this wasn't going to get out of hand), I started the search for an inexpensive solution. Thinking I would find a workstation to match the bedroom furniture would be easy, I quickly realized "scrapbooking" and "inexpensive" don't go together, and there was no IKEA within a day's drive, I started Googling "scrapbook storage solutions" and "creative craft storage", etc. What I found was some great stuff that was way too expensive for me! Remember: I am keeping this within reason. Anyway, that was my intention.

After finding nothing within my budget, I decided to try to design something that would work, except I didn't have any design programs on my computer (not that I knew how to use one). So, I figured my best solution was Excel. I can do anything in Excel! It is the best program ever! Using each cell as a one inch square, I started designing my new scrapbook workstation. I spent days working on the perfect design and finally it was time to build it. I love power tools; everyone including women should have some! My husband and I went to the hardware store and decided that 3/4 inch MDF was the best option, plus "they" always use it on HGTV on all those shows that are budget-friendly. It all seemed so perfect until we realized that 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of MDF were too big to fit in our SUV. Hmmm... another delimma, so off we went to start shopping in discount furniture stores.

After an intense day of shopping for furniture that would work (at this point in my life I had never heard of Craigslist), or that was not too expensive, I was a bit discouraged as I sat down in the last furniture store to collect my thoughts. It hit me as I was looking at the too-expensive perfect piece of furniture: the hardware store had that "big saw" and they could cut it! Am I smart or what?? Don't answer that! So, off to home we went so I could figure how to have the hardware store cut the 6 pieces of MDF into 3 or 4 pieces per sheet that would fit in my car, while using as much as possible of each sheet. Don't ask me how I do this stuff it is just how my brain is wired!

So, off to hardware store we went again and this time with an Excel diagram of each sheet of MDF, showing how to cut each sheet. They were really happy seeing me coming, NOT! And after a long, long two weeks for my husband who agreed to help me, I had the workstation to match the rest of the furniture in the bedroom finally built. My husband will tell you that once I get an idea in my head there is no stopping me! I won't stop until it is done, working from morning to night for as long as it takes. He loves that quality about me, I am sure! LOL

That is how my obsession with my scrapbooking room began.