Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Punch Storage

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Hey Scrappers!
Wow has it been a long time since I wrote anything about organization or what?? I have been focusing on doing Stampin Up videos and projects and have also been out of town quite a bit helping my mom out. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back into writing more articles about organizing, especially since I really love to organize my scrapbook room and it is why I originally started this blog.

Today's topic is punch organization. I have personally tried many different ways to store my punches and thought I would share some with you. Punch storage for me has been a real challenge, so much so that I even designed a punch carousel to house my punches when I first started scrapbooking. Since I did not have many punches at the time it was ideal. But as my punch collection grew, I quickly had to come up with other solutions. I found that my new larger punches did not fit well on the carousel. I have to admit I was really proud of my punch carousel that I personally designed and built myself, and it worked well for quite a while. As my punch collection grew, I realized that I needed to figuire out something esle for storing my punches.

If you have been following my blog for long you will know, I love yard sales! I was lucky enough to find this rack, on the left side of photo, at a yard sale for only $4. I don't know what the rack was originally used for, but it worked. I actually still use this rack for punches that are not Stampin Up punches and I think I could use for my Birth Right classes.

On a trip a year to so ago to visit family in Virginia, I bought some of the Bygel Rails from Ikea and have had them sitting in my closet for months. So I finally got around to hanging them. My husband wasn't crazy about me hanging all these on the wall, so I came up with another solution.

Isn't this awesome?? I thought so, until I bought out a Stampin Up Demonstator who had about 60 punches for sale. Once again I didn't have room for them all! ARGGHHHH! I know all of you who are obessive organizers out there can relate! This was beautiful but I quickly outgrew it. Good thing I didn't put all the holes in the wall huh? Although I could have continued to use this, I would have had all my punches scattered around the room. This was one of the problems, I was trying to work out, especially since I have started doing tutorial videos for Stampin Up products. I always had my work area covered with punches all the time because it wasn't convenient to keep getting up and down to get another punch.

I actually spend a lot of time just sitting in my craft room trying to figure out how to best organize it. I really try to think out of the box, when organizing it. One of the items I got in the punch lot was a heavy duty paper filing cart. I started thinking what if I turned it over, would my punches fit?

They fit perfectly! Now I have all my old style Stampin Up punches here on this cart. It is on wheels and right next to where I do videos and most of my scrapbooking. Although I don't have all my punches on the cart, it is an awesome solution and works well for now. Since this cart was designed to hold files, I had to get creative in order to use the other parts of it. I found that by putting plastic shoe boxes that I had, I could then utilize the empty space in the middle of the cart. Here I hold stamp sets that need to be put up in the box on the left side. In the middle box, I keep ink pads I am using. They don't get put up often can you tell??? LOL! In the box on the right, I keep projects that I am currently working on and that are not finished. Since there was not a shelf on the bottom either, I used some metal pieces from a 12x12 paper storage rack and attached it with zip ties. I keep miscellaneous stuff down here while and am working on projects.

Ok I know you were wondering where the rest of the punches were! Since I sold most of ink pads and other supplies when I became a Stampin Up demonstator, I was able to alter this shelf to house my other punches. On the left, I removed some of the shelves and my new style punches fit perfectly and I have room to grow! I love the way these new punches are shaped because it will make for easier storage solutions in the future as I replace the older style of punches. On the bottom shelf, I put two curtain rods that cost only $1 each and put my smaller punches there for now. I used more curtain rods to sit my Stampin Up embellishments on. For now, this works well and I have everything with in easy reach.

I have done quite a bit of research to find storage solutions and wanted to share some more ideas with you. Last weekend while at the Container store, I came across this shoe rack I thought would be a great solution for someone who is looking for a punch storage solution. You could easily put all you smaller punches and border punches on the bottom and on top put your larger punches. This shoe rack is only $29.99 and would hold tons of punches! If you don't have a Container Store in your area, you can probably order this online.

This next photo is of my daughter, Amy's punch storage. She lives in Richmond, VA area and is a couple hours away from Ikea. She has her whole room decked out in awesome pieces all from Ikea. Ikea has the Bygel rail system and it is really inexpensive. Unfortunately, you can not buy these online from Ikea. If you are wondering where you might put these rails up in your own scrapbook space, you might consider wall space behind a door or even attached to a door. You might even have a shelf like I do and put the Bygel rails in it.

Another possible solution for punch storage are the over the door shoe rack holders. These are easy to find and pretty cheap solution for punch storage.

Most of us have had a challenge with finding solutions regarding our punch storage, but I hope maybe I have given you a few fresh ideas. Let me know if you have a solution that works well for you.

Until Next Time,
Happy Scrappin!


  1. You can just come to my house and organize my craft room.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I am also an SU demo, but I am strictly a hobby demo and have been for 6 years, in fact I only have 3 customers and 1 of them is me :) I just found you this morning on you tube and have to say I am in LOVE with your room. THe shelf/ink pad holder that you found on craiglist is amazing. This is EXACTLY what I have been imagining for my desk for years! Didnt know it existed and now I need one. I know its a longshot but do you have any info on how I can locate this seller or the item itself? I also have to give you kudos on that fantastic wall unit work station. You have thought of everything and utilized every single inch ! I currently have the entire finished basement of my house as my scrappy-stamp space and I am pretty organized but have TONS of wasted space. I will be forced to condense my craft space when I re-marry and we get our home together, so I must find a way to utilize my space better. That wall unit would solve a multitude of issues for me. Sorry to ramble on in your comment section but I am giddy with excitment after seeing your beautiful room. The roll out shelves have already been on my list for awhile now and I know that they will be in my new space, but really need to find that ink-refill-marker shelf. I have saved your blog to my favorites and really hope you do more videos. I find your voice very enjoyable to listen to. Your instructions are easy to understand and I finally know how to use those dang corner punches! Thanks to you ! Have a blessed day and I wish you all the best as a SU demo.