Friday, May 13, 2011

Scrapbook Room Photos Updated!

Hey Stampers!
After much adue, I have finally gotten my room reorganized and my closet addition almost done!  I just couldn't wait to show you all the photos of my updated stampers paradise!  This first photo is of the room when you first enter my room.  As most of you know, that when I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator I got rid of most of my supplies that were not current Stampin Up products.  So you can see that some of my shelves now hold my cards and mini scrapbooks.

This photo is of the new closet!  It turned out that the Ikea items I bought for my closet didn't work out as I had hoped, so this is what we did instead.  I have made good use of the Ikea items in my upstairs classroom area.  At a later time, I will post photos of the upstairs classroom.  My plans for the closet is to keep all my Stampin Up paperwork and projects ready to go for workshops and classes.  When I have smaller classes in my scrap/stamping room it will provide extra surfaces to work off of.  As you can see my sweet husband installed shelves, lighting and electricity in my new closet.  We removed the doors to open up the space to be as part of the room.  On the right side, I have my epson printer and on the right I have my Photo Studio, which my husband got me for Christmas.


As you can see I still have my ink pad shelf that I got off of Craigslist.  I have two sets of Stampin Up ink pads and markers, one set of reinkers and one set of craft reinkers for all the Stampin Up current colors.  I have some of my markers, reinkers and inkpads over at my main workstation.  This table below my ink shelf is where I have smaller classes and where I can spread out when need be.

Below, this photo is of my workstation, which has evolved since we built it.  I couldn't find what I was looking for within my budget so I designed this and my husband and I built it.  On the top shelf, I have miscellaneous supplies in the boxes and in the middle, I have most of my current Stampin Up stamp sets. 

This area in the middle of my workstation has a shelf that includes all my punches, most of my embellishments, some reinkers, ink pads, glimmer mists, and other tools that I need handy when I am working and doing videos.  As you can see, I have my camcorder  mounted above my workdesk to shoot videos.  Directly below my heat gun is a small remote for my camcorder.  On the sides are cubbies that hold my current catologs, reference book, and envelopes of paper and projects I am currently working on. 

Here is my workstation inkpad and small punch storage.  I used the large inserts for the Big Shot storage boxes.  I simply placed them into the shelf at a slight angle and screwed over the top lip of the insert.  My small punches also fit well into these inserts. 

Here is the drawer under my workstation, I keep many tools I need to have easy access


  1. Hi Sharon! I have been doing a lot of research on other stamp/scrapbook rooms and out of all of them, I like yours the best!!! I mean it. :) I had commented on your Stampin Connection blog I believe and had asked if you could send me the measurments for your punch, embellishments, and ink pad shelf that you use at your work station. Could you email them to

  2. OH MY STARS!! Love your scrap/stamp room!! My DREAM room! great job and thanks for sharing

  3. I have looked at hundreds of rooms over the years. Some much bigger and some much smaller.
    But I can honestly say that your room hits all the buttons for me. Everything you need is right there, within arms reach. Perfection. I have to say your room is probably in my top 5 rooms of all time. Great job!

  4. Sharon, I love your ink pad/pen/refill shelf...where on earth did you get that? That is exactly what I have been looking for!

    BTW...I love your room!!! I have dreams of having a space like that sometime :)