Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey Friends,

Well I finally got around to making the cornacopia that I dreamed about a couple weeks ago.  What I dreamed was not this exactly.  Believe it or not my husband came up with this idea for the holder part of this.  It was like duh, why didn't I think of that.  So I have to give my husband Francis credit partly for this creation.  Which is kind of scary in a way LOL. 

I used the petal cone and emboss it with the houndstooth embossing folder to make the cornacopia and made different combinations of flowers to create this.  I didn't fold the score lines and when I embossed it the score lines just dissappeared so I was able to make a cone shape out of it.  I punched holes all around the top in the petals to thead my ribbon through and tied a bow.  It is all held together with wooden skewers as stems and I have a round piece of floral foam in the cone.  Also to attach the skewers as stems I used the same technique I did in the flowers in basket video.  I won't be doing a tutorial on this so I thought I would give you some instructions on this.  

Have a great day!


  1. Love this! All the different flowers are gorgeous! Good thinking on your husband's part too. :-)

  2. Just gorgeous Sharon. Would love to see close up pic of the other flower combo's that we can't see in this photo. I love this! (Laura Fernsler)