Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit coming soon!

Hello friends!  I am so excited to share with you what I have been up to.  My guess is that some of you have been wondering why I haven't posted much lately or had any new tutorials in the last few weeks.  Well.... drum roll.... I have been getting ready for the next phase of my business, manufacturing and selling Scrappy Storage Units.  For my first product for sale, I have designed the Ultimate Punch Storage Unit!

As most of you know who have been following my website for a while, scrapbook organization is why I first started this website.  I have been obsessed with how best to store my scrapbook supplies.  For a while now, it has been a dream of mine to design and sell scrapbook storage units.   For my first storage unit, "The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit", I designed for punch storage.  Punch storage is such a challenge for many of us and it hard to find anything out on the market to specifically store punches.  

The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit is made of top grade lumber and solidly made, so this will be a unit you can use for years to come.  When I designed the Ultimate Punch Storage Unit, I wanted it to be versatile to allow space for most styles of punches.  To do this, I made the shelves removable.  The second reason is to allow for you to paint or stain your unit any color you would like.  

Below is a photo, to show you how you can store both styles of punches, and as you can see, the bottom section, holds all the different sizes of punches.  The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit will hold most styles of punches and is not made exclusively for Stampin Up punches.  Since I am a Stampin Up demonstrator, I only have current Stampin Up punches, so that is why you see only Stampin Up punches in the cabinet as an example.  In the bottom of the center of the cabinet, I have a shelf removed to allow space for my Triple Layer punches.  On the top, I removed shelves to allow for the older style of punches.  Plus I wanted to show how all the new style of punches can fit in the bottom area of the unit and leave room at the top for your other styles of punches.  Also, I made extra space for room to grow!  The section will hold 48 punches and the bottom will hold many depending on the sizes.

The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit will be released in the next couple of days. I have ten units built to start with, so the first ten to sell will be shipped out immediately.  My plans are to have more built once I see if they will sell, so there may be a small waiting period after the first ones are sold.  The Ultimate Punch Storage Unit will sell for $129.95 plus shipping and will be shipped to you fully assembled.  You will be able to purchase the Ultimate Punch Storage Unit off of this website, and I will have a page on my website dedicated for my Scrappy Storage Units.  These are available only to buyers who live in the United States.

I want to thank my family, including my husband Francis, my brother Donald, my mother Juanita, and my daughter Amy for all their help and support.  My daughter, Amy Perry (who is also my Stampin Up down line), has been such a blessing to me and she is also my business manager and web designer.  I couldn't possibly do all that I am doing without her help.  My brother Donald is my master craftsman and he is a talented craftsman, he is building all the punch storage units.  My mother, bless her heart, has let me set up a woodworking shop in her garage to build these units.  My dear husband has been so supportive of all my dreams and is the love of my life.  I love you all and I couldn't possibly do this without all of you!  Thanks to my dear friend Mona Potter, who has been such a huge support and good friend and just recently became one of my Stampin Up downline.

Disclaimer:  As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I will in no way compete with any storage products that Stampin Up already sells including ink pad, marker, and Big shot die storage.  My demonstrator status is very important to me and I will not do anything to jeopardize my position with Stampin Up.

This product is copyrighted.

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  1. Sharon!! OMG.. I'm Drooling!!! These are awesome! You go girl!!! :-) I would love to have one of these myself.. woohooo!!! I posted a link so DH can check it out .. christmas is coming up n stuff. .LOL!! I wish you so much success on this.. simply awesome! Inky Hugs!!! Dawn in Michigan!