Friday, October 29, 2010

Carolyn’s New Scrapbook Room

Earlier, I wrote an article about my friend, Carolyn, who was moving her scrapbook room from a small bedroom to her huge bonus room upstairs.  Click here to see before photos.  Carolyn did a buy few things to prepare her space for the move, and she did it all on a budget!  She purchased a kitchen island from Big Lots for $300, she now uses as her cutting station.   She bought 4 small black bookshelves along the wall in the 1st photos for $15 each at Wal-Mart.  She also bought a couple of the stackable plastic Sterite 3 drawer storage units and apple green paint to paint the room.  The best part was she paid her grandson $10 a hour to carry it all upstairs!  She said he ran up and down stairs for a hour and a half like it was nothing.  She gave him $15 and some change she had left over from a garage sale, what a deal!  Next time I need a bunch of stuff I will hire him any day!  So she transformed her room for under $500!  Which is awesome! 







As you enter her room, the long wall of the black bookshelves is the first thing you see.  She has tons of paper, embellishments, ribbons, and all kinds of goodies along the wall.  In the white paper trays to the left of the 1st photo is paper, that her friends can use when they come over to scrapbook!  On the to the left is a short wall and here she has metal paper racks that she has used to put all her idea books in cute little baskets. 

IMG_3024 IMG_3023

In the picture above you can see the awesome island she got at Big Lots.  It has a butcher block top, with a small piece of granite that she can use for all her cutting needs.  Here she keeps her Cricut Expression, Cuttlebug and Sizzix with all the accessories here.  In the next photo is her daughter Debbie’s storage area and she has several of the Jet Max cubes that she got from Michaels.  They cost $29.99 each but you can find them for 40% off pretty often.  So for under $200, you could have all this great storage too!  Plus you don’t have to buy them all at once, you can buy a few at a time as your budget allows. 



Above is her scrapping area.  She has 3-4x2 foot tables together to form a large work area. So she always has room for her friends to join her for the Friday Night Crop.  She has her most used items located along the right wall behind her piano bench she sits on the scrap.  Of course the piano bench is full of goodies too.  


This is the far left wall close to the window, here she has a desk with her printer and more Sterile containers to store more supplies.  I missed getting photos of the rest of the wall, but she has a TV in a entertainment cabinet and her sewing machine.  I honestly am amazed she knows where everything is, but she does. 

Great job Carolyn, your room looks great!  Thank you for letting me share in this experience with you and allowing me to share it with my readers!  I look forward to scrapping with you in your new room!

Until Next Time,

Happy Scrappin and Stampin!

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