Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where I Am Headed!

Hey Scrappers and Stampers!

Currently I am sold out of merchandise!  But don't fear I have another deal working!  I have decided to become a Stampin Up Demonstrator and only sell Stampin Up new and retired merchandise.  It will be the best of both worlds!  As you all know I love Stampin Up products and the quality is superb.  I will still scope out great bargains on Stampin Up products and pass them along to yo.  I will also continue to share great organizational tips because I am so passionate about them both.  For now I will still have my salesroom upstairs and stock it with great SU retired products.  I have to admit the SU products have been my best selling items.

It is an exciting move and I am looking forward to it, I have thought about this for a long time now and the only thing that was holding me back was all the merchandise I still had. But now that it is sold, I feel it is a sign to move into this new chapter of my life. I will officially get started in November as a Stampin Up Demonstrator and have Stampin Up (SU) Club at my home twice a month. It will be great fun and I look forward to sharing ideas and techniques at SU Club meetings. Don't worry I won't be bugging anyone to do parties at their homes, since all clubs will be here.  I will give opportunities to club members to earn free stamp sets and other Stampin Up merchandise.

But don't feel left out if you are out of town or can't come to club meetings because I am going to start doing videos to share the same techniques and Stampin Up products with you, it will be like SU Club online!  I will have offers for you to earn free SU merchandise as well.  I will have to work on a catchy name though. Maybe something like...Stampin Up With Sharon or Stampin At Sharon's or Stampin at Sharon's Scrappy Space, hmmm I will have to work on that. Hey I have an idea, share your ideas with me on what you think I should call the SU club and my online club featuring technique videos.  If I choose the name you submitted, I will send you a new Stampin Up basket of goodies.  
I have been very busy working out all the details to get started and getting everything lined up.  I have had a time trying to figure out how to upload videos to Youtube. First, I had to get a video camera, then I had to figure out how to work it. Believe doing a video isn't easy, even with about 100 takes.  I went through several video editing software trial versions to figure out which was best for me not to mention figuring how to use them.  (I should remind you that you should always save your files often!!!)  I lost a few of my edited video files when the software crashed on me!!  It still hasn't gotten to that point where "this will be funny one day" but hopefully it will be some day once I conquer the video upload thing! Then I had my Internet go down and kept getting thrown offline. Whew I am tired just thinking about it all!  It has been a real learning curve for me but I am pretty tenacious!  Well finally today I am trying to upload a video again and it is now processing it. I am anxiously waiting to see if it will finally work or not!  If it finally uploads, I will be thrilled beyond measure! If not you won't read this today! I am hoping to include the video link here. Still waiting, it can take hours I am told. It has never gotten to the point of processing the video before so I am further along than any of the other of my 100 attempts to upload a video.  Wait, wait....I can't believe it but I have success!  Yeah!!!!  Excuse me for a minute while I dance around the room!!!!.......  Ok check out my video tour of my scrapbook room.  I have some surprises....

What did you think about that?  Don't you just love my new ink pad shelf???  What a deal it was!!!  I absolutely love it!  Painting it wasn't so fun but well worth it.  My husband mounted it to the wall so I can easily pull out the table to have club or just enjoy scrapping and stamping with my grandkids or scrapbuddies.   What do you think about all the paper storage going vertical?  I love it I have so much more room now!  I love the way the horizontal storage looked before but it sure took up a lot of space and as you know all space in a scraproom is valuable.

I am also thinking of unmounting all my wood stamps!  What do you think about that?  I am making a purchase soon from a retired SU demonstrator and she has done just that.  I am waiting to see what my customers think about the stamps being unmounted, before I do.  But you will see most of my demonstrations online with unmounted stamps.  I am thinking about all the room I will have. 

Thanks for checking out my video and let me know if you can think of a great name for my SU clubs!

Until Next Time
Happy Scrapping and Stamping!


  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing your scrap/stamp room. You and your husband create some beautiful storage pieces. Wow. You are one organized lady.


  2. What an awesome scrapbooking room!!!! I love the SU shelves you bought on Craig's list...too wonderful. Got some great storage ideas from your video!!!

    Thanks for sharing.